Comfort for your CPAP Mask

RemZZZ cloth liners can make your mask fit better and quieter. Just place one on the mask, and then put your face into the mask, and you will be comfortable all night. They also help with mask leak, skin irritation and comfort. Available in many sizes, tell us which mask you use, and we will recommend the right one for you. They are also available for the into the nostril masks, which can sometimes be uncomfortable.

Treat Sleep Apnoea the easy way! SomnoMed Splints

SomnoMed advancement splints are a medically approved method of treating mild to moderate sleep apnoea (AHI < 30). Once you have one professionally made for your mouth, you gently advance the lower splint forward, so that your airway stays open all night. We have a visiting dentist who can make one for you (Prescription required)

SoClean will keep your mask SO CLEAN!

The world's first automated CPAP cleaner and sanitiser. About Sleep has a new product to make your life easier and cleaner. SoClean is a device that will disinfect your CPAP mask, tubing and humidifier bowl, in 7 minutes daily. Just wipe you mask with a Clinell wipe, put it in the SoClean unit, and using ozone, will gently disinfect your equipment and humidifier water. No need to wash weekly, or leave your humidifier bowl out to dry, SoClean keeps your equipment together and ready to use.

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