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Did you know that CPAP was invented in 1980? Colin Sullivan pioneered a machine and mask system that started saving lives from a Sydney Hospital in June 1980. He used a silastic glue every night to keep the mask in place. Before that Tracheotomy was the only treatment for Sleep Apnoea. So before you complain about your CPAP, think about your treatment options before 1980! Colin Sullivan founded ResMed and they have developed masks and machines to treat Sleep Apnoea ever since.

I have been running CPAP clinics now for 10 years and we have many, many happy, healthy patients. We started as there was a lack of CPAP outlets in the western suburbs, and within 12 months we had many happy patients. Mary and Josie have been with me from the beginning, moving over from the pharmacy to being full time CPAP Clinicians after extensive training. We now have 6 more staff, who are busy every day.

About Sleep Clinics are going to celebrate their 10 birthday in March next year, and we want you to come to the party. There will be sausages and cake on the front verandah of the Western Clinic and giveaways to all who come. We will let you know the date soon, so you can be sure to be there.

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