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NightShift Body Positional Therapy

Some patients have more pronounced sleep apnoea when lying on their back. It is possible to wear a device that will vibrate whenever you lie on your back. This will cause you to roll over to your side, reducing the apnoeas you would be having. 
There are also available several styles of T-shirts and bumpers that are designed to stop you sleeping on your back or you can sew a tennis ball on to the back of your pyjamas.
The easiest solution is a small device that will vibrate to let you know you are one your back, so you can turn to your side.

Night Shift Body Positional Device

NightShift Body positional devices are a great way to reduce supine sleep apnoea. Simply clip the strap around your neck (held by magnets so no chance of choking) and go to bed. This device is easily recharged, and will reduce snoring in many people. We can do a download which will show you the effectiveness of the treatment, and whether it is working for you. Rental $70 for one week and half of this will be rebated if purchased. Price is $480

New to NightShift

A Chest Band is now available that does not use magnets. If you have a pacemaker or are uncomfortable with a neck band - ask to try the Chest band. 

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