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Home Sleep Studies


Noxturnal Home Sleep Study Instructional Video

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About Sleep uses Nox home sleep studies - left

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Alice PDX home sleep studies - below

Sleep studies are the best way to determine if your sleep is normal, or if you have a sleep disorder. At every sleep study, you have many wires attached to your head and upper chest, and a device placed on your chest to record the data. You can still eat and go to the toilet. Then you go to sleep as usual, and in the morning, all the wires are removed and you can shower if required. Sleep studies only take one night.


There are many types of sleep studies conducted in South Australia, so you need to ensure that the one you are about to have will give you the correct results. We use an up to the minute high quality recorder called a Nox. This is approved by Medicare and Sleep Specialists alike.


False negatives and false positives are not only misleading, but can also lead to years of inappropriate therapy, or no therapy when it should have been instituted.


Our Home Sleep Studies are of the highest quality available outside a hospital, and will always lead to accurate results. Not all home sleep studies use the same equipment, as you can see from the photos on this page. Some have a larger monitor, and a wiring panel on the shoulder. These items make sleeping in your normal positions more difficult.


Home sleep studies are only able to be claimed from Medicare once every 12 months. We keep our waiting lists short, by purchasing more machines if required. Other criteria to claim from Medicare include being over 18, and having a valid Medicare card.

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