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Medicare Criteria

In 2018, Medicare funding for home sleep studies was restricted to people who have symptoms of sleep apnoea. Medicare has brought in several criteria that patients must have, to be able to access a free home sleep study, before they see a sleep specialist.

If you pass this criteria, you do not need to see the sleep specialist first, but we do recommend that you see them afterwards.

The criteria include

Either a Stop- Bang score 3 or more OR

an  OSA-50 score 5 or more


Epworth Sleepiness Score of 8 or more.

If you cannot pass this criteria, that is fine, they can be overridden by your sleep specialist once you attend an appointment with them. Send us your referral and we will direct you to an appropriate sleep specialist - based on patient preference and waiting times.

These criteria questions can be found on our referral forms.

Please call our Sleep Study Consultant - Desiree 0436 141400

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