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Hospital or Home Sleep Study?

Sleep Studies collect data about the way that you sleep. This includes EEG, ECG, nasal flow, eye and chin movements, respiratory effort, leg movements and heart rate. They can be conducted in a hospital, where technicians keep an eye on you all night. These are called "attended" sleep studies.  Or you can have an unattended study - usually in your own home, overnight. These are called home sleep studies.
Ethical Sleep Studies are conducted using devices that are the latest slimline equipment which give accurate and informed data, approved by Medicare and sleep specialists. We collect EEG, ECG, chin, eyes, nasal canula, noise, breathing effort, leg movement, position etc. During our Ethical Sleep Study, we will apply the wires and leads on you, not send you home with a DVD.
Some patients are not suitable for home sleep studies. These include patients with a disability that may affect the recording, or patients with cognitive impairment. Also patients with a physical disability with inadequate carers attendance. Patients with severe co-morbid conditions including NMD, heart failure or COPD are recommended to have an in hospital sleep study. If you have suspected parasomnias, seizures, or respiratory failure, you are recommended to have an in-hospital study, where there are supervisors and nurses available. Other reasons to have an in-hospital sleep study include a previously failed or inconclusive home sleep study, an unstable or unsuitable home environment, or consumer preference.
If you are suitable to have a home sleep study, ensure you have the best quality one available. Make sure that you see the sleep specialist who reports your results. They have read the raw data and know all about your sleep. Don't get your results from the technician who wired you up, nor the CPAP clinic they are associated with. Keep in mind, that the sleep specialist will become your advocate, and will always recommend the most appropriate treatments in consultation with you. This could range from simple lifestyle changes through to complex surgery. They are also in the best position to advise on further tests, if more complex sleep disorders are suspected.
The information we gather in your home sleep study is sent to an Adelaide based sleep scientist, who scores the data, and reports to the specialist that you have nominated. That report along with the raw data is then reviewed by your sleep specialist and, at your appointment, your sleep specialist will inform you of the results.

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