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Ethical Sleep Studies

Please find the link below to the sleep study instructions if you wish to apply the equipment yourself.

Noxturnal Home Sleep Study Instructional Video

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If you find this too difficult, please advise us and we will apply the equipment for you in our clinic.




About Sleep Clinics conduct Home Sleep Studies. There is no gap to pay for sleep studies conducted in our clinic. Results will be available from the sleep specialist who reviews the results, or the referring GP.  Their normal charges for appointments will apply.

A Sleep Study is a report that is generated by a device that is attached to your T-Shirt or pyjamas while you sleep. You attend  our clinic in the late afternoon or evening and we attach the Nox device and some wires to your head and neck with adhesive pads. You will also have two stretch bands placed around your chest and waist. An alternative, for people with access to a video link is to pick up the kit and apply the wires yourself at bedtime. This means that you do not need to have the wires put on earlier than necessary.


Then you sleep in your own bed at your normal time. The device is fully automated and it will record your sleep. In the morning, you can remove the wires and the device, and bring it back to our clinic for analysis.

If you feel you have a sleep disorder and would like to have a sleep study, download our Sleep Study referral form to take to your GP. Once it is signed, send it to us by email, fax, post, sms or drop it in.

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