Why Choose Us?

Therapy choices are important

The way you sleep should be your choice

At About Sleep, we believe that providing good quality choices is essential for effective therapy and satisfied clients.

About Sleep provides you with a choice of:

Home Sleep Studies
CPAP Brands
Equipment Use
CPAP Clinicians

Ethical Sleep Studies are conducted at all clinics by fully trained staff. We apply the wires, bands and sticky dots to you in the late afternoon, and you go home to have dinner and sleep. In the morning, you can remove the equipment and return it to us between 9 -11 am.

ResMed, Philips-Respironics, Fisher & Paykel and Z1

Machines and Masks.


Trial, Rent or Purchase


Credit Card, Cash, EFT, ZIPPAY

Helen, Mary, Renee, Anne, Miranda, Elaine, Matthew, Melanie, Edwina, Julius, Carmel and Catherina


Southern, Eastern or Western Clinics

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Home treatment guide

CPAP Therapy

Dental Splints

Sleep Psychology

Night Shift


Re-Timer Glasses

Airvo Humidifier


Italian, Greek


All Clinics are ground floor and wheelchair accessible. Free parking available at the front of each clinic.