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Do I have Restless Legs Syndrome

or Periodic Limb Movement Disorder?

The difference between these two sleep disorders is that PLMD is an involuntary action that occurs when the patient is asleep, (though sometimes not restfully) whereas Restless Legs is an involuntary movement that occurs when the patient is awake. In other words, Restless Leg Syndrome keeps the patient awake; Periodic Limb Movement Disorder occurs when the patient is already asleep. Both involve involuntary kicking, jerking, and twitching.

If you are having sleep problems or think that you may have PLMD or Restless Legs Syndrome, the first thing you should do is talk to your doctor.  Your GP can assess your condition and refer you to an accredited Sleep Specialist for further investigation and treatment if necessary.


Sleep Specialists are the best qualified medical professionals to investigate and supervise the treatment.  More importantly, the best health outcomes are usually achieved with local Sleep Specialists who can consult directly with you and your GP. Our sleep studies have leg leads which will help identify if this is a problem for you. Ask us today about a sleep study.


For medically approved information about PLMD and Restless Legs Syndrome, please follow this link to information at the Sleep Health Foundation



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