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Why choose Ethical Sleep Studies?

Ethical Sleep Studies pride themselves on their name - ETHICAL - we ensure all patients are treated with care and respect, and that we followup all patients throughout their sleep journey.

  • All patients choose an Adelaide sleep specialist in conjunction with their GP

  • All patients fill in a pre test questionnaire which is reviewed by your chosen sleep specialist remotely prior to the study. If appropriate, the sleep specialist will decide if a home study is suitable for you,  or if a hospital study is required.

  • All patients are wired up by a trained technician in one of our clinics or given a kit to take home to do it themselves.

  • A finger oximeter is placed on your finger and wrist which connects to the NOX device by blue-tooth so your arm isn't restricted while you sleep - there are no wires running down you arm.

  • Ethical Sleep Study devices are high quality slimline equipment that are automated to turn on when programmed.

  • All our sleep studies are scored by Adelaide based sleep scientists.

  • They are then reviewed and reported by an Adelaide based sleep specialist chosen by you, the patient, and your GP.

  • All patients are invited to see the chosen sleep specialist to get the results and any treatment options or they can see their GP for their results and then see the specialist if the GP thinks the data warrants it.

  • All treatment programs are supervised by the sleep specialist you visit.

  • GPs and referring specialists are sent a copy of your report for their records

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