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Therapy Services

Adelaide's Widest Range of Sleep Therapy Services

Expect Choices from Sleep Therapy Services


About Sleep offers a wide range of therapy services for people with sleep problems, delivered by qualified health professionals. We have two fully equipped clinics in the eastern and western suburbs of Adelaide where our full range of therapy services are available.


Our services include:


  • CPAP Therapy - About Sleep has seven professionally trained and experienced staff who are completely dedicated to CPAP sales and therapy support.  We tailor individual service programs for each client to ensure optimal fit and maximum effectiveness of CPAP therapy.


  • Mandibular Advancement Splints - made by our visiting dentist


  • Sleep Psychology - by Ms Marni Ahmer


  • Night-Shift body positioning therapy - trial and sales


  • ReTimer Glasses  sleep wake readjustment - trial and sales

  • Theravent Nasal patches increase the pressure in your airways to reduce the snore






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