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CPAP Therapy and Trials

Insist on a choice of CPAP Equipment

for maximum comfort

About Sleep tailors individual CPAP therapy programs for each client to ensure optimal comfort and therapeutic benefit.


Our CPAP service begins with a four week trial during which clients can choose from a large range of masks to ensure optimal fit and comfort. About Sleep supplies and supports equipment from the leading CPAP manufacturers. About Sleep CPAP Therapy has two brands of machines available for trial, rent and purchase.(ResMed and  F&P  )


A $299 set-up and rental fee ($269 conc) applies for the 4 week trial and includes 10 litres of purified water and a packet of Clinell wipes. Your trial can include trying 2 brands of machines (ResMed and F&P) at no extra cost. You are also encouraged to change masks if required to get one that is the most comfortable for you. We have the three major brands (ResMed, F&P and Philips) of masks available to trial. Changing machines and masks can be done at any time throughout the trial period. We can extend your trial period if necessary to achieve maximum comfort before any purchase is finalised. Clients can also opt to continue renting a machine if that suits them better.  Set-up and fitting is conducted by our fully trained and experienced CPAP clinicians in dedicated private fitting rooms. We do not sell you equipment you are not happy with at any stage.


Our clients always receive full service support.  Follow-up occurs every week during the trial, with downloads conducted at each visit.  CPAP Clinicians are available Monday to Saturday at all our Clinics.  We also provide telephone support service for patients who are unable to attend our rooms.


Patients referred to us for will be with fitted with CPAP machines as prescribed by their specialist or GP.  We are also able to accommodate clients with special needs (eg Automatic machines, BiPAP, ASV) on an individual basis, in consultation with their treating doctors.


About Sleep CPAP Therapy clients are followed-up 3 months after purchasing a machine and mask, then again after 6 months and then reviewed annually thereafter, if they achieve our minimum therapy standard of 4 hours per night. If they do not achieve 4 hours a night average, we monitor them monthly if possible to get this standard. Our clients are encouraged to contact us for assistance and downloads whenever necessary.  Referring doctors are contacted (phone, email, fax) as required for feedback and progress reports.  We are happy to conduct additional downloads as requested.


Free on-site parking makes each clinic easy to access, even wheelchairs can access each clinic.  Our western staff can provide language assistance in Italian and Greek. Please ask for this when booking the first appointment. Disabilities can be accommodated, including low vision, deafness, Downs syndrome and dementia.


About Sleep stocks and supports ResMed, Philips Respironics and Fisher & Paykel equipment with a large range of spare parts and accessories.  About Sleep also has a range of complementary treatment services provided by qualified health practitioners which may be of help to CPAP clients including: Dental Splints, Body Positional Devices and Sleep Psychology.


We look forward to long-term relationships our clients and their doctors to help achieve the best possible sleep and health outcomes.

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