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CPAP rental services

Long Term Rental of CPAP

We have a plan where you can rent a CPAP machine for short or long periods of time, to ensure you do not have to cease therapy. We rent out the latest machines for $350 for 3 months including a mask. Replacement parts for the mask and machine are covered by this fee.

Older CPAP machines - Philips 60 series can be rented for $200 for 3 months including a humidifier and a latest model mask of your choice.Replacement parts for the mask and machine are covered by this fee.

Upgrading your existing machine

If you have been using CPAP for a while, and are in need of upgrading your machine, and possibly your mask, ask us about our rental trial deal. You can rent a machine and mask, and swap them as much as you would like, over a 5 week period. The price for this service is $299 ($275 conc).

If you only want to try one machine, ( you have your own mask) or you need to rent one for a week, we can loan you an AutoSet machine for a week, and do a download for you. This is $70. Our usual security checks will apply. Further weeks will be $35 per week.

Auto CPAP Machine and Humidifier Rental (existing users only)
First Week  $70 (Autoset trial etc) Can be set on fixed pressure.(Rebated off new machine purchase)

Following weeks $35 per week. (half rebated off new machine)

Humidifier Rental  $20 per week 

Z1 CPAP Machines

Z1 CPAP machines are available  for trial for 3 days. Let us know your pressures, and we can set up a demo machine for you to take home for 3 nights. We charge $70 for this service, and half this comes off the price if you purchase one


Z2  CPAP machines

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