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Re-Timer Light Therapy

Re-Timer Light Therapy is an innovative product which has been proven to improve sleep and sleep patterns. It is used to help people change when they sleep and wake, for jet lag, shift work and Seasonal Affective Disorder. Re-Timers are recommended by Sleep Specialists and Sleep Psychologists, as they have been proven to work.


We can now offer a trial or sale of these glasses, for your convenience. Or, if you are unsure of how to make it work for you, make an appointment with our Sleep Psychologist, who can help you with a schedule to ensure they work for you.


Re-Timer Glasses are available for 2 weeks trial at a fee of $70 and half this will be rebated if purchased. Price of glasses is $299. -


Some more information on the product is listed below, or go to their website


●Launched on the market in November 2012 and has been sold in over 40 countries worldwide

●University developed based on 25 years research by world-renowned sleep psychologist Prof. Leon Lack and Dr Helen Wright
●Independently tested for eye safety to international standards and 100% UV-free light
●The light adjusts the circadian rhythm and supresses the body’s production of melatonin (the sleep hormone our bodies produce which makes us feel tired)
●Calculators on the website can be used to work out the best time to wear i.e. enter your destination and travel date into the jet lag calculator for a customised schedule
●Free Re-Timer Sleep App for Fitbit provides a customised schedule based on actual sleep tracked
●Free eBook ‘How to Sleep Better’ available for anyone to download
●Recommended by sleep physicians, used by business travellers and Olympians


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