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Z1 Travel CPAP

Z1 Travel CPAP machines are now available in our clinics for trial and sale.

We offer 3 day rental deals for $70 with half rebated on purchase.

Batteries are available for the easiest travel experience - especially good on aeroplanes but also great for camping, houseboats, and more.

As travel machines can be a little noisy, these come with a Q-Tube to lower the vibration that travels along the tube. It makes the machine noticeably quieter.

Z1 devices are available in

Auto - $899

Q-Tube   $50.00

Q-Tube replacement foam - $10.00

In Line humidification device $15.00

Medistrom Battery Pilot Lite 12 - $445 including adaptor


Z1 CPAP with Q-Tube
In Line humidification
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